Norma B. Coe

Assistant Professor
University of Washington

Norma CoeNorma B. Coe is an assistant professor in the Department of Health Services at the University of Washington and a fellow in the Network for the Study of Pensions, Aging and Retirement (Netspar). Previously, Dr. Coe was the Associate Director of Research at the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. Prior to joining the Center’s staff, Dr. Coe was an assistant professor at Tilburg University in the Netherlands where she was awarded the Marie Curie Incoming International Fellowship from the European Union to study the health effects of retirement. She received her Ph.D. in economics from MIT in 2005. She has also worked at the Urban Institute and the Department of the Treasury in the Division of Tax Analysis.

Dr. Coe’s research interests include public finance, labor, and health economics. Her focus is on how government policies interact with each other and how they influence individual behavior.