Frequently Requested Data

Our “frequently requested data” provide answers to commonly asked retirement income questions. We encourage you to use and share these data.

1. Social Security replacement rate data consistent with the 2014 OASDI Trustees Report

2. Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 Index, 1990-present (updated daily)

3.  Index of Average U.S. House Prices, 2000-2012

4.  Percentage of State and Local and Private Pension Fund Assets Invested in Equities, 1970–2012

5.  Change in Employment to Population Ratio, Women Aged 25-54 and 55 and Older, Recent Recessions and Today (updated monthly)

6. Change in Employment to Population Ratio, Men Aged 25-54 and 55 and Older, Recent Recessions and Today (updated monthly)

7.  Pension Coverage of Workers, 1989-2010

8. Percentage of House Value That Could Be Borrowed Through Reverse Mortgage at Ages 65, 75, and 85, 1975-2012

9. Participation of Eligible Workers in 401(k) Plans, by Income and Age, 2010

10. Home Ownership Rates by Age

11. Retirement Period of Males, 1962-2050

12. Wealth Holdings of a Typical Household with Head Age 55-64, 2010

13. Social Security Replacement Rates for Average Earner Retiring at Age 65, 2002, 2015, and 2030

14. Average Retirement Age for Men, 1962-2012

15. Pension Sponsorship and Participation in the Private Sector, 1979-2010

16. Workers with Pension Coverage, By Type of Plan, 1983, 1995, and 2010

17. 401(k)/IRA Balances for Median Household with a 401(k), Age 55-64, 2010

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