The Retirement and Disability Research Consortium (RDRC) was established by the U.S. Social Security Administration in 2018. The CRR receives support under the RDRC to conduct and disseminate research along with its partner organizations: Mathematica – Center for Studying Disability Policy, Syracuse University, the Urban Institute, and the Brookings Institution.

Other organizations funded through the RDRC include:

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Our current projects for FY2019:

1. “What Is the Extent of Opioid Use among Disability Insurance Applicants?”
by April Yanyuan Wu and Denise Hoffman, Mathematica Policy Research and Paul O’Leary, U.S. Social Security Administration

2. “How Does the Decline in the Employment of Prime-Age African-American Men Affect OASDI?”
by Gary V. Engelhardt, Syracuse University

3. “Why Are 401(k)/IRA Balances Substantially Below Potential?”
by Andrew G. Biggs, American Enterprise Institute and Alicia H. Munnell and Anqi Chen, Boston College

4. “How Much Will Auto-IRA Leakages Reduce Retirement Saving?”
by Anek Belbase and Geoffrey T. Sanzenbacher, Boston College

5. “How Has Racial/Ethnic Inequality of Retirement Wealth Increased across Cohorts?”
by Geoffrey T. Sanzenbacher and Wenliang Hou, Boston College

6. “Are Homeownership Patterns Stable Enough to Tap Home Equity?”
by Alicia H. Munnell, Anek Belbase, and Abigail Walters, Boston College

7. “How Will Automation Affect Retirement Security?”
by Anek Belbase and Alice Zulkarnain, Boston College

8. “How Does the Minimum Wage Affect DI Participation?”
by Gary V. Engelhardt, Syracuse University and Patrick J. Purcell, U.S. Social Security Administration

9. “How Does Irregular Scheduling Affect the Employment of Young Adults with Disabilities?”
by Purvi Sevak and Dara Lee Luca, Mathematica Policy Research

10. “Does Employer Concentration Affect Labor-Force Participation?”
by Anqi Chen, Laura D. Quinby, and Gal Wettstein, Boston College

11. “Examining Mortality and Receipt of Benefits Administered by SSA as Reasons for Desistance from Homelessness among Older Adults”
by Matthew S. Rutledge, Boston College, Dennis Culhane, University of Pennsylvania, and Thomas Byrne, Boston University