Falling Short: The Coming Retirement Crisis and What to Do About It

New book explains the retirement challenge facing today's workers and offers specific solutions that build on existing retirement systems.

Privatizing Railroad Retirement

Steven A. Sass discusses the evolution of the U.S. Railroad Retirement System and whether its ability to invest its assets in private equities offers any lessons for Social Security.

Cover of Working Longer

Working Longer

Assesses the potential of longer work lives to strengthen retirement security and the challenges associated with making it happen.

State and Local book cover

State and Local Pensions: What Now?

New book tells the big and complicated story of public plans: past, present, and future.

Using Your House for Income in Retirement

Your house is likely your biggest asset and biggest expense. If you need more income in retirement, it’s the logical place to look.

Cover of Coming Up Short

Coming Up Short: The Challenge of the 401(k) Plans

Offers a thorough analysis of 401(k)s, chronicling their evolution, their popularity, and their flaws. Includes ideas for making 401(k)s work better.

Cover of Target Date Funds

Why Target Date Funds?

A clear and colorful guide to the most common “default” 401(k) investment option – what Target Date Funds are, how they perform, and issues to consider.

Cover of The Claiming Guide

The Social Security Claiming Guide

Helps people approaching retirement decide when to claim their benefits. Presents information in a concise, colorful, and engaging format.

Cover of the Fix-It Book

The Social Security Fix-It Book

Provides an accessible overview of the pros and cons of reform options. Cited by the Wall Street Journal as "the best source of information on how to fix Social Security."

Cover of Managing Your Money in Retirement

Managing Your Money in Retirement

Provides a concise overview for new retirees of the major financial decisions they face, centered around maintaining one’s standard of living throughout retirement.

Cover of Social Security and the Stock Market

Social Security and the Stock Market

Reviews the three main approaches for introducing equities into the U.S. Social Security program by assessing similar reforms in the U.K., Australia, and Canada.

Cover of Death and Dollars

Death and Dollars

Explores why people save, how they decide to allocate their wealth once they retire, and how givers select their beneficiaries. Features contributions from the field’s leading scholars.

Cover of Pensions and Retirement Income

The Oxford Handbook of Pensions and Investment Income

Reviews the latest research, policy-related tools, analytical methods, and major theoretical frameworks of pension and retirement income.