WSJ Recognizes our Retirement Blog

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I was honored to be in the company of some excellent retirement writers recognized in a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, “My Favorite Writers on Retirement Planning.” Since I started writing this blog in May 2011 for the Center for Retirement Research, which is funded by the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA), retirement writers have come out of the woodwork to help the swarms of retiring baby boomers – and many of us need it!

Others featured in the article by the Journal’s Glenn Ruffenach – some new, some veterans – include financial planner Michael Kitces, whom I’ve interviewed about tax strategies for retirement plan withdrawals. Most everyone knows Jonathan Clements, a former long-time Journal reporter now editing and writing a blog. Last but not least, I’ll mention Mike Piper, a certified public accountant – someone new to interview! – and Christine Benz of Morningstar, a Chicago firm that is a long-time source of data and information for this blog.

Each writer is distinct. So, what do we try to do here at Squared Away?

  1. We’re part of a Boston College research institute, so research, including though not limited to SSA-funded research by scholars around the country, is critical to our mission. At its best, research eliminates the mystery about things retirees and retirement planners care about to help ensure that we’re making the right decisions.
  2. Our research institute is fiercely independent, and so is this blog.

    Financial institutions, experts, and writers trying to sell retirement products and services inundate boomers with information online, on television, and in advertising. The desire to sell can get in the way of reliable advice, particularly in the personal finance blogosphere. Squared Away is not selling anything and does not accept advertising or paid content.
  3. Finally, thanks to being a veteran reporter who covered the economy and financial industry for The Boston Globe, I was able to meet Ruffenach’s requirement for writing “clearly and frequently.” Squared Away publishes every Tuesday and Thursday.

I hope you’ll sign up here for our once-weekly alerts with the week’s two headlines. For those who already have, thank you for reading!

Ken Pidcock

Much deserved recognition.

Wise Money Tips


Jim Linnehan

Congratulations, Ms. Blanton! Keep up the fine work!

Kim Blanton (blogger)

Thanks guys and gals and please tell your friends!

Garrett Ball

Well deserved, Kimberly. Great job and congratulations!

Nancy Webman

Attagirl, way to go, etc.

Mark A Zoril

Congratulations, Kim!!

Prof D. Kirschner

Kudos to you, Ms. Blanton, for this much-deserved honor. I’ve been a faithful reader of your blog from its beginning, and look forward to its continuous stream of useful nuggets of information and suggestions.

Wendy Weiss, Weiss Financial Advisors

Congrats. You deserve the recognition.


Ha! I recognized the excellence of this blog a long time ago (smile). Congrats, Kim, and keep up the insightful content!!

David Potter

Kim, I read your blog regularly and recognized its excellence long before the Wall Street Journal. Congratulations nevertheless and please keep up the good work!

Jack Riashi

Kimberly’s blogs are some of the best in our industry! It is nice to be recognized by publications like the WSJ, but not entirely necessary. Social media provides enough exposure, especially for professionals that value her timely and informative articles. Thank you!

Steve Katz

Long-time WSJ reader here who decided to check out your blog due to their recommendation. Like what I see! Looking forward to future posts.

Wayne Baker

Kim, you are “Squared Away!” Congratulations!


Nice article… I recognized a few of those other names, you are in good company!

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