PowerPoint Presentation on the Benefits of Working Longer

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PowerPoint slide that says: The good news: you have a long life ahead. An Average Person at Age 65 Will Live 20 More Years.
PowerPoint slide that says: The bad news: without a paycheck, you will need a lot of money for a long retirement.
PowerPoint slide that says: The age at which you retire is your most Important financial decision.
PowerPoint slide that says: The first step in deciding when to retire is to figure out how much you need. Typically, you need about 75 percent of your earnings because: you will pay less in taxes; you won’t need to save for retirement; your mortgage may be paid off; and your kids will be on their own.
PowerPoint slide that says: Social Security is your best source of retirement income. It’s inflation proof. It keeps coming as long as you live. It also supports your spouse. To find out how much you’ll get, log on: ssa.gov/myaccount
PowerPoint slide that says: Other retirement income is less secure. Pensions are not inflation-proof, and they are disappearing. 401(k)/IRA assets go down as well as up and may run out.
PowerPoint slide that says: If you live your life expectancy, Monthly Social Security benefits keep lifetime benefits about equal no matter when you claim. The later you claim, the more $ you will get each month.
PowerPoint slide that says: Delaying to 70 gets you 76 percent more. When you claim determines your monthly benefit.
PowerPoint slide that says: Delaying also means more for your spouse. The survivor benefit is 60 percent higher if you claim at age 70 rather  than 62.
PowerPoint slide that says: Yes, you might get less over your lifetime if you claim later. But even many unhealthy people still outlive the average. And it’s costly to get stuck with low monthly benefits forever. If you outlive your other assets, having a large Social Security Benefit will be all the more crucial.
PowerPoint slide that says: Working longer can help your 401(k)/IRA assets. 401(k) Assets Can Nearly Double Between Ages 62 and 70. Note: Assuming an inflation-adjusted return of 4.6 percent.
PowerPoint slide that says: And working longer doesn’t just help your finances.It also can improve your: physical health;  life expectancy; and psychological well-being.
PowerPoint slide that says: Most people today can work longer than in the past. Jobs are less physically demanding. People are healthier. People are better educated.
PowerPoint slide that says: With increases in life expectancy, even working to 70 leaves a long retirement. Note: People are assumed to start work at age 20.
Source: U.S. Social Security Administration. 2018. Longevity Visualizer.
PowerPoint slide that says: Next steps: Figure out how much you need. Estimate your target retirement age. Make a plan to work longer.
Learn new skills. Be prepared to take on a new role at work. Signal to your employer that you want to stick around.