Top Blog Topics: Financial Ed, Retirement

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It’s customary every six months for Squared Away to round up our readers’ favorite blogs. The following were your top picks during the first six months of 2015, based on an analysis of online page views.

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Retirement is a perennial favorite among readers. But the top 10 list below also includes blogs about financial education and knowledge of the U.S. retirement system, longevity, and the hardships specifically faced by older workers:

  • Workers incorrectly see regular & Roth 401k(s) as the same.
  • Video: College borrowers reveal their remorse – and some consternation.
  • Around age 50 – a bad time – workers’ earnings fall.
  • Video: Young adults might start planning for a centenarian’s life.
  • Financial education in schools sometimes works.
  • One way to evaluate an employer’s pension buyout offer.
  • Expanding retirement saving: a U.K. vs U.S. approach.
  • The cost of tapping 401(k)s and IRAs early.
  • New books of note on emergency savings, older workers worldwide, and small business 401(k)s.
  • Employer Bias Against Aging Boomers?
Wendy Weiss

Excellent selection, thank you.

Tiffany Kim

After reading your blog, I have found out that it’s great to have a good job so you can enjoy your retirement benefits. You just have to be wise in everything.


Being in my late 50’s it has definitely come to my attention that people heading into retirement need to be aware of a variety of options and directions in life.

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