Examples of How CRR Research Partners Have Customized the Program

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  • Partners have requested quick research projects on topics such as trends in a particular product market or the characteristics of the partner’s target customers.  Similarly, the CRR can respond to requests for data, drawing from various nationally representative datasets.
  • Partners have asked the CRR to review and comment on their financial products, online tools, and white papers.  One partner used the CRR as a beta tester for a website they developed on an age-inclusive workplace. 
  • Many partners have invited CRR researchers to present at partner-sponsored events, such as advisory panel meetings, conferences, and seminars.  Partners have also used CRR research and data in their own presentations.
  • One partner conducted several in-depth video and podcast interviews with CRR researchers as part of their thought leadership activities.
  • Partners have engaged with CRR researchers in brainstorming sessions to discuss certain policies, markets, or products.
  • One partner used CRR materials as part of an educational module on Social Security for its advisors.  Another partner purchased bulk copies of the CRR’s consumer guides to make available to its network of financial planners.  
  • Partners have asked the CRR to prepare literature reviews on various topics to obtain a comprehensive picture of the academic research.
  • Partners have promoted CRR publications on their websites.  One partner selected CRR issue briefs to republish as part of its own publication series.
  • Partners have tapped the CRR’s networks to promote their events and activities.