Three Issue Briefs on RRC Research Addressing Key Policy Challenges

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The Social Security Administration’s Retirement Research Consortium (RRC) produces studies on a wide array of issues important to the retirement policy community. This project will produce and broadly disseminate three Issues in Brief that review RRC contributions on: 1) the widening gap in retirement ages by socioeconomic status (SES) and its effect on monthly benefits; 2) the widening gap in longevity by SES and its effect on the progressivity of the Social Security program; and 3) the challenges faced by the rapidly expanding number of Americans who live to advanced ages. Each Issue in Brief will identify the policy challenge and research context, then present the findings of several RRC studies. The discussions will point out similarities and differences in the studies’ methodologies and findings. The project’s primary contribution, however, will be to show, in each case, how these studies complement each other and advance our ability to address key policy challenges.