During this unprecedented time, the CRR is on the case. Consistent with our mission, we are exploring how COVID-19 will impact retirement security from all angles. Our current resources are below.

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Economic and Health Data

Companies That Have Suspended Their 401(k) Match During 2020 
U.S. Deaths Involving COVID-19 Reported to the CDC 
Weekly Initial Unemployment Insurance Claims 
Change in Unemployment Rate in Recent Recessions and 2020, by Gender and Age 
Change in Unemployment Rate During Recessions, since the Great Depression 
Unemployment Rate since the Great Depression 

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Other Data Resources

Harvard’s Opportunity Insights Institute: Track the Recovery
USC Survey Data: Understanding Coronavirus in America

COVID-19 Legislation

Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act (enacted 3/6/20)
Families First Coronavirus Response Act (enacted 3/18/20)
Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (enacted 3/27/20)
Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act (enacted 4/24/20)


2020 Public Plan Investment Update and COVID-19 Market Volatility
The Status of Local Government Pension Plans in the Midst of COVID-19
How Widespread Unemployment Might Affect Retirement Security
How Exposed Are Retirement Savings to Market Risk?
Can Older Workers Work from Home?
2020 Update: Market Decline Worsens the Outlook for Public Plans


Squared Away by CRR Blogger Kim Blanton

Cognitive Decline Meets COVID-19 Scams (10/22/20)
Video: Boomers in RVs Seek Job, Security (10/8/20)
More Gen-Zers are Living with Parents (9/24/20)
Deep Financial Woes Portend Rent Crisis (9/15/20)
A Laid-off Boomer’s Retirement Plan 2.0 (9/8/20)
Relocating Can Boost Living Standards (9/3/20)
Despair Grips Lower-Paid White Workers (8/25/20)
Recession’s Hit to Cities Varies Widely (8/18/20)
Pension, 401k Registry Bill Resurfaces (7/30/20)

MarketWatch by CRR Director Alicia H. Munnell

Don’t Trust the TRUST Act (8/18/20)
Paying Off Unfunded Pension Liabilities Will Be a Low Priority After COVID-19 (8/10/20)
Don’t Cut the Payroll Tax — Let’s Help Those Without a Job (7/28/20)
Tapping Social Security for Anything — Including COVID-19 Payments — is Wrongheaded (7/21/20)
What Will COVID-19 Mean for Social Security Claiming? (7/16/20)
Will COVID-19 Force Older Workers to Retire? (7/8/20)
COVID-19 Is Not as Big a Threat to Typical Older Workers as You Might Think (6/18/20)
Older Workers are as Well Situated as Younger Workers to Work Remotely (6/9/20)
Can People Really Work at Home? (5/27/20)
Social Security and COVID-19: 3 Ways the Shutdown Could Impact the Program (5/18/20)

CRR in the News

Marketplace: “Few people are tapping 401(k)s, even without withdrawal penalties” (10/12/20)
CNBC: “Older Workers are Struggling to Find Jobs Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic” (10/2/20)
Reuters: “Retirements, Layoffs, Labor Force Flight May Leave Scars on U.S Economy” (9/14/20)
Yahoo Finance: “‘Over Half’ of Older Workers Don’t Have Jobs That Can Be Bone Remotely” (9/9/20)
The New York Times: “With Adult Children Home, Now’s the Time: Talk About Your Money” (9/6/20)
CBS News: “COVID-19 Could Have Negative Impact on Retirement Plans and Financial Security” (9/2/20)
Barron’s: “These Companies Kept Their Dividends but Cut 401(k) Matches” (8/31/20)
The Washington Post: “Coronavirus-Related Unemployment is Putting Retirement at Risk” (8/31/20)
CNBC: “Many Older Workers Entered the Pandemic With Little Saved Toward Retirement” (8/30/20)
The Boston Globe: “Five Tips For Managing a 401(k) During the Pandemic’s Turbulence” (8/26/20)

CRR Research on the 2008-2009 Recession

The Effects of the Great Recession on the Retirement Security of Older Workers
Are Retirement Savings Too Exposed to Market Risk?
The Financial Crisis and Private Defined Benefit Plans
The Financial Crisis and State/Local Defined Benefit Plans
Recessions and Older Workers
The National Retirement Risk Index: After The Crash
Why Did Some Employers Suspend Their 401(k) Match?
401(k) Plans in 2010: An Update from the SCF
Who Claimed Social Security Early Due to the Great Recession?

From Our Affiliates

Brookings Institution: “Resources on Coronavirus [COVID-19]”
Mathematica: “COVID-19 Curated Data, Modeling, and Policy Resources”
Urban Institute: “COVID-19: Policies to Protect People and Communities”


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